From Ice and Snow Coming April 1

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. If you are reading this, thanks for your patience.

You see, I’ve been writing the sequel to The Protest.

From Ice and Snow is also a fictional memoir. It picks up where Jane Bernard lost her two daughters to a religious hijacking. The sequel begins with Jane’s life six years later – six years in which she has not seen her 12-year-old twin daughters who were victims of brainwashing in the name of God perpetrated by their father, Reverend Logan Churlick.

Jane is heartbroken and embittered by the loss, causing her to jeopardize her once-happy marriage with her great love, Bolivar Bernard. When her daughters are 18, Bekah reaches out to her mother. But her twin sister Darcy spurns Jane and now wants nothing to do with Bekah. Churlick thwarts Jane’s attempt to reunite with Darcy, and fueled by Bekah’s allegiance with her mother, his obsession to possess Jane grows more twisted. In the meantime, Bekah has to come to grips with her new life: new rules, new friends, new values, and a mother she was taught, in the name of God, to hate.

Dealing with the divisiveness Bekah brings with her when she moves in with Jane and Bolivar creates increasing stress between the couple when the edges of their marriage are already frayed. But Jane will not forsake her daughter as her marital situation worsens. Bekah, accustomed to rebelling against the authority of her father, struggles to leave behind her coping skills of the past and trust that she is safe and secure now. Still, Jane’s heart aches to connect with Darcy, who resents Jane’s abandonment and is terrified to reconnect with her mother for fear she will be cast into hell’s eternal lake of fire and brimstone.

After Darcy graduates from high school, she vanishes. Bekah stumbles upon where her sister is and decides to go after her, hoping she can get through to Darcy and re-establish their close bond. But Reverend Churlick and his wife maintain their hold on Darcy and cause her to question the legitimacy of both Bekah’s and Jane’s motives. The plot questions? Will Churlick be successful in keeping Jane and Bekah from reconnecting with Darcy? Will Jane regain her daughters only to lose Bolivar? Will the strategy Jane sees as her only chance to save the marriage she has all but destroyed work?

Find out April 1 when From Ice and Snow goes on sale on Amazon (paperback and ebook).



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