Did you get my text?

Love this blog piece on the culture that’s grown up around texting (click on the link below). I have learned the hard way that this is my life now — by that, I mean a year or so ago when I left a phone message for my daughter and didn’t get a reply, and finally did get a hold of my daughter, she said she doesn’t call anymore; if I wanted to reach her, I should text. Wha–???

Texting is so quick (most of the time) that I do love it — but it’s also frustrating. I’d love a real phone call once in a while, a voice I can be excited about hearing, I’d like to enjoy the luxury of no misunderstandings because writing is so easy to read the wrong way, whereas voice inflection is harder to misread, especially if you check back to see if the meaning you’ve made of the person’s words is correct. And there’s nothing to replace the spontaneity that happens when you’re in the moment of a phone call.

Sigh, the good ol’ days.

Did you get my text?.


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