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Against All Odds–What’s Our REAL Chance of Becoming a Successful Author?

I’ve become enamored of a particular blogger, a writer who is very good at looking at what it takes to write, to not give up because writing is hard work, and to feel energized with a renewed sense of purpose that leaves … Continue reading

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The Rocky Road to Becoming a Professional Writer

I took a class on writing in my 20’s and after reading aloud the first chapter of the first draft of my story, the instructor said, “That could never happen. It’s totally unrealistic.” The critique went downhill from there. Of … Continue reading

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Your Subconscious Is a Genius

I saw the following question in a LinkedIn “Writers’ Hangout” group this afternoon: Any effective writing habits you’d like to add to the list? …and wrote the following response: This is going to sound strange, but it actually happened about … Continue reading

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Is “Retard” Taboo if It’s Chronologically Accurate?

We live in a politically correct era, and as one who happens to think it’s a good thing and we should be mindful of words that make someone feel “less than,” I’m throwing open to input this controversial topic: should … Continue reading

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