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Is “Retard” Taboo if It’s Chronologically Accurate?

We live in a politically correct era, and as one who happens to think it’s a good thing and we should be mindful of words that make someone feel “less than,” I’m throwing open to input this controversial topic: should … Continue reading

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House for Sale

My home, my soul, open Sunday, 11-3:00, to strangers. Lookie-loos pull up and start my palms sweating.   Fresh-cut flowers adorn the table where Saturday’s splashed Grape juice used to be. These weekends in my orderly house, I Suffer a … Continue reading

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In Charge of Your Destiny – Through Writing

From: Heather Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 7:36 AM To: Dianne Bunnell Subject: Writing Hi Aunt Dianne, I’m wondering how you managed to write out all those memories without getting lost in them. Heather From: Dianne Bunnell Sent: Wednesday, May 14, … Continue reading

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The Struggle Is This

It’s an early morning in mid-May and I’m sitting at the dining room table  eating my oatmeal, figs, and walnuts and sipping my morning cup of mocha coffee. A movement catches the corner of my eye and I look out the … Continue reading

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This Writer’s Space

  So this is what a writer’s space looks like. It’s my dining room table, my laptop, a hot cup of tea. I work in my kitchen/dining room because for nine months of the year, weather in the state of … Continue reading

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