A New Work in Progress — Help?

I’m working on a story that’s the second book in the series, Life Is Calling, and I hope to release it this summer.

Jane Bernard  (in her 40’s now) has lost her husband of twenty years after his battle with cancer. She grieves the loss of what she calls a great love, and after a couple of years have gone by, she longs for the companionship and closeness of a partner. Then a friend introduces her to internet dating. The plot thickens.

Plot Thickener

I’m looking for stories you may have had in this arena. Anyone have any noteworthy experiences with someone you met on a dating site? Good or bad experiences will work. If you wouldn’t mind seeing your story woven into my next book, I’d love to hear from you.

— Dianne


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6 Responses to A New Work in Progress — Help?

  1. rogerdcolby says:

    I know someone who met someone on an internet dating site, one that was supposed to be for “Christians”. They met, had a few dates, everything was great. He proposed to her after a few months and she said “yes”. After the wedding his true colors came forth, mostly black. He began abusing her physically, and told her that if she outed him he would kill her family. She got out, but not without some sacrifices. He was truly “Sleeping With the Enemy” kind of creepy.

    • dkbunnell says:

      Oooh, scary. So glad for your friend that she got out. Thanks for sharing…fascinating to know that happens with online dating. I’ll have to think about whether I want my story to go that dark.

  2. I will pass this on to my friend (who is in Seattle this week!). No one I know has more experience!

  3. Other than you, that is 🙂

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