April 5 & 6, Last Two Freebie Days for The Protest

Today and tomorrow (April 5 & 6) are the final two days on Amazon you can download a free copy of The Protest.

The Protest went to #1 on Amazon Kindle free downloads of memoirs thanks to your support! Do you think we can do it again? What if this story becomes “The Protest heard ’round the world”? This cautionary tale about the perils of fundamentalist Christianity right up there with the Going Clear expose’ on Scientology that’s hot on HBO and in some theaters.

The Protest, Memoir Cover

Click here for your free e-book.

A favorite review says: “I laughed my ass off and cried my eyes out.” Another favorite says: “I figured out how to read the book while I was blow drying my hair.”

Check out the resources in the appendix of the book for dealing with cults and brainwashing if someone you care about has been “firebombed by the blood of the lamb.”

Feel free to come back to Literal Lessons of Life. I’d love to hear your story after — or while — you read mine.

— Dianne


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