The Protest is #7 in Amazon Kindle Free Memoir Downloads!

How does viral start? I don’t know, but I’m hyperventilating a little, thinking maybe my book could take off today. It’s a little after 1 p.m. and there have been so many downloads of my fictional memoir that Amazon has ranked it #7 of their free memoir downloads for today. I would love it if my story became the poster child for those who’ve had their lives damaged by religion and my book became “The Protest heard ’round the world!”

A memoir group that allowed me to post asked this morning, “Since this is a ‘fictional’ memoir, is it a real story?” To which I replied that I was advised by legal counsel that to keep me safe from a lawsuit, all of the story’s characters needed to be fictional. I went even further — even the setting, the town of Rathcreek in eastern Washington, is made up. I also injected humor and irony, so it would be a very compelling story, not off putting. Took me ten years to write The Protest, and #7 means, not bad.

The Protest, Memoir Cover

Click here for your free copy of The Protest.

A favorite review says: “I laughed my ass off and cried my eyes out.” Another favorite says: “I figured out how to read the book while I was blow drying my hair.”

Check out the resources in the appendix of the book for dealing with cults and brainwashing if someone you care about has been “firebombed by the blood of the lamb.”

Feel free to come back to my blog, Literal Lessons of Life. I’d love to hear your story.

— Dianne


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3 Responses to The Protest is #7 in Amazon Kindle Free Memoir Downloads!

  1. John Draper says:

    Woo hoo!

  2. And not at all bad! In fact, most excellent!

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