Kick-Ass 90’s TV Femmes: Hellmouth

Great blog post about the power of kick-ass women, beginning with Buffy!

The 90’s was undoubtedly an era where females dominated television. The ‘SFC’ exploded onto screens, showing herself as not just kick-ass, but, who really could (and would) kick every ass regardless of gender and age, or whether those asses were human or not.

Still, masses and masses were conditioned for too long to believe girls needed to wait to be “rescued” by the hero, or be one of several ‘victims’ the serial killer goes after because his Kindergarten teacher punished him once for eating cookies in class, and looked sexy doing it in her pleated flannel skirt.

However, Joss Whedon (bless his feminist heart) was so sick of the same old, same old, he was all like ‘Fuck that tripe.’

Soon, we were graced with a little blond waif appearing on our television screens, who at first, second and even third sight appeared to be quite frivolous, cutsey and 100%…

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  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for sharing Dianne! Glad you enjoyed it. Xoxo

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