The Protest — Postponed Release Due to Brain Surgery

Susie and Di, Prior to Brain Surgery, 2015

 Susie and I, the day before her surgery

My sister Susie called on my cell phone while I was out in the hallway, talking to a student who was being disruptive, not bad disruptive, but I saw a need to set the tone for the class that his behavior was not acceptable.

I reached into my pocket and saw Susie’s name on the screen, held up my finger, and told the student, “I have to take this call.” The conversation was brief: the doctor decided that the brain tumor they’d found a few days ago needed to come out as soon as possible. She was scheduled for surgery on Monday.

The following day, I was driving from Washington to southern California, a two-day trip. I’d decided to drive, because I didn’t know how long Susie would need me. Our other sister, Linda, who was local, Susie’s husband Bob, and their kids, and I all waited in the hospital waiting area for seven hours before the surgeon met and told us that the surgery was successful — she got all of the tumor.

I ended up staying a little over a week — until our sister Karen from Colorado flew in and could take my place in supporting Susie as she made her remarkable recovery from a skilled physician opening her head and reaching into her brain to remove something that shouldn’t be there. Susie is still dealing with therapy, as she tries to “find her words,” as she puts it, as well as what appears to be nerve damage to her right leg.

My sister does not have brain cancer! The pathology report showed that the tumor was benign, and she is on the difficult road to recovery from the surgery and from the pain that runs down her right side. But if my sister is anything, she is strong and determined, and I know she will regain her ability to express herself well.

I write about this to explain why The Protest is not being released today, March 3, as I had planned. Life happens.

I’ve proofed the e-galley and will let you know when it will be returned to me by the formatter and uploaded to Amazon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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2 Responses to The Protest — Postponed Release Due to Brain Surgery

  1. And what would we have to write about if life didn’t throw curves? The Proteat, after all, was a big ol’ curve ball! The release will be worth the wait.

  2. dkbunnell says:

    Yes, you’re right, Gretchen, The Protest was a big ol’ curve ball!

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