Beauty Cinquain, Cropped Picture of Cinquain






Is wrinkles from

Laughing, freckles from the

Sun, hair blowing softly in the

Warm wind.


I wrote this Cinquain in high school, and the art is by my friend, Alyn Hart.

It has always moved me. I’ll let you tell me why you like it – if you do – rather than tell you why it’s stood the test of time for me for all these years. Enjoy!



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6 Responses to Beauty

  1. John Draper says:

    I love it, but I have no idea what a Cinquain is!

    • dkbunnell says:

      A Cinquain is a poem with five lines:and a specific number of syllables per line, similar to a haiku:

      Line 1 – two syllables
      Line 2 – four syllables
      Line 3 – six syllables
      Line 4 – eight syllables
      Line 5 – two syllables

      Thanks for your comment, John. Glad you liked it.

  2. Reblogged this on janjacobsblog and commented:
    it’s very evocative, and like Japanese paintings, the blank space is as important as the lines. “Wrinkles from laughing”..check out the Lucinda Willians song “Lines Around Your Eyes.”

  3. —–because you’re still that girl…..

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